Our NICE Playground is a wonderland that welcomes anyone with open arms who can handle a bit of craziness. So if you’re looking for an unconventional event or workspace and fancy hanging out with a bunch of lovely people, we’ve got you covered.

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Our top floor office at Kleiner Kielort is bright, spacious – and offers some glorious views over Hamburg. It is truly an extraordinary place filled with creativity, good vibes, and lots of love. If you are in need of a cool space to host events, realize collaborations or simply work, come check it out! Drop us a line or pop in for a coffee (on the rooftop terrace, naturally).

Our values

We value an uplifting atmosphere where people communicate openly with each other and inspire one another.

Unconventionality – We are not your usual coworking space. If you’re up for some slightly weird people and the occasional craziness – call us!

Community – Our space is rather small and therefore we value a personal and friendly communal vibe.

Creativity –No matter what you do for a living – we empower creative thinking in everyone and hold space for fresh ideas.

Collaboration – We believe in the power of teamplay and are always curious about ideas for mutual projects, businesses, or products.

  • networking &
  • meet &
  • 24/7
    own key
  • free
  • tasty
  • workshop &
    photo studio
  • fresh
  • scanner &

140€ per hour, whole space
140€ per month, single person

NICE Playground
Kleiner Kielort 8
20144 Hamburg

+49 40 / 32 84 67 40

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Culture – We are a pretty weird bunch. Here’s some info about our vision and values.

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