At the Super Brand Factory, we craft brands and accelerate the building of companies. It is a place where work gets done and action comes before perfection. It’s messy sometimes, but inspiring. We break off existing structures and make room to be truly creative. We look out of the box and do whatever is necessary to create value. That’s how we build leading-edge brands. Let the next one be yours!

What we do

Identity – We know that a brand is more than a logo: It is a vision waiting to be realized, a story waiting to be told, a feeling waiting to be experienced. That’s why we specialize in the holistic development of brand identities. It is our mission to ask the right questions and analyze your venture – before we boil it down to a unique brand with a meaningful story and a distinctive look.

Campaign – We create outstanding campaigns that shine a light on brands and give a powerful voice to our partners. Offbeat ideas that move, touch, captivate.

Experience – We bring brands to life and orchestrate every aspect of our partner’s presence, conceptualizing POS, exhibition, and interior.

Interactive – We build individual digital solutions that are both smart and sexy. Apps, games, shops, and other interactive stuff that catches people’s attention.

Product/Content – We turn brainchildren into reality: From the first spark of an idea to the development of products that can be touched, used, looked at, or listened to.

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Why you should
work with us

  1. We listen – Commitment also means understanding. What are your intentions? What are your needs? We make sure we really know before taking action. We don’t want to sell you our ideas. Instead, we want to develop what works for your business. And we want to achieve this together with you. Therefore, we listen.
  2. We are fast – We live the startup spirit. That means, we also adjust our work pace to that of our partners. Because we know: Tasks pop up on short notice. Campaigns are planned last-minute. We are aware of how important it is to get loads of things done in just a short time. We are ready for this. Let’s go!
  3. We are good – In over 10 years of creating brands, concepts and content, we’ve accomplished a lot of great cases. We launched a new magazine, contributed to a record crowdfunding, engaged in a political campaign – just to mention a few. We have worked with many great partners. Now it is your turn!

Why we should
work with you

  1. You create something – You have this idea and want to turn it into a business? A vision you’re looking to bring to life? No matter if you’re founding a company, rethinking your brand or launching a new product – if you want to create something, we are here to take action with you.
  2. You want a companion – We don’t see ourselves as a mere service provider. We are part of your team. And we trust you. We believe that you will do the best you can to advance your business. Therefore, we will do our very best to contribute to that. In our eyes, this makes us equal partners, following the same goal.
  3. You are ambitious – Have you ever wanted something so bad you just couldn’t wait to turn it into action? Have you ever worked so hard and yet felt so good? Have you ever felt those firecrackers exploding inside you when you reached the next level? If you get the idea, then you know what to do!

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