The vibrant Grindelviertel is one of Hamburg's most endearing neighborhoods. Grindel e.V. is a community of like-minded people — tradesmen, restaurateurs, freelancers — who love their quarter and want to preserve its vibrancy and great variety of small businesses.

What they do

Community – The Grindel feels like a village in the best way: In the middle of a big city, there is an area where people cultivate neighborly relationships. Events, gatherings and other networking opportunities foster the community spirit.

Urban Development – Grindel e.V. engages in local politics in order to further develop the Grindelviertel in unison with the people who work and live there. Their goal is to actively shape the neighborhood by working with local policymakers.

Marketing – The neighborhood thrives on a sense of solidarity: All members should benefit equally from the activities. Through collaboration and cross-promotion, Grindel-based small businesses are encouraged to support each other.

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In 2003, the Grindel e.V. association was founded by 15 business owners and freelancers from the neighborhood. The aim of the association's work is to revive the Grindel neighborhood with activities and make it interesting for visitors and residents alike, and to maintain the attractiveness of the location for local business owners and freelancers.

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