Liquid Photography are our partners for all things photography. Katrin and Frank have been working as a team for more than 18 years for national and international clients in the fields of product, people, lifestyle, fashion and food photography. Their studio in Kleiner Kielort is open, flooded with light and impresses with its high ceilings and minimalist furnishings.

What they do?

Culture – Liquid captures not only people, interior and environments – but special moments. The synergy of people behind and in front of the camera as well as the location creates exceptional images.

Product – From simple, minimalistic product shots to emotional, atmospheric photos: Liquid loves product photography in all its facets. Fashion, food or lifestyle – product stills don’t have to be boring.

Food – Food photography requires skill and experience. Liquid’s food photos are characterized by creativity, attention to detail and a focus on food and props. Cooking is love – and so is photography.

Watch the birdie!

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About Katrin & Frank

Katrin Schöne and Frank Löschke are the faces behind Liquid Photography. Frank has many years of experience in photography. With his way of inspiring people and his empathy he evokes emotions and captures them in authentic pictures. Katrins fine sense of aesthetics and attention to detail enable her to always find new angles for expressive photos. She always has her finger on the pulse of the time, knows the latest trends and uses them as inspiration for creative arrangements.

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