Everyone wants to be heard in the world of social media. But first, you have to listen. Youtube, Instagram, Facebook – every platform has its own rules. The same goes for influencers: You have to think like one in order to work with one. Zia lives and breathes social media and takes his client’s strategies to the next level.

What he does

Strategy – Zia advises brands on the ideal mix of social media channels, tools and formats - building a strategic foundation for their social media marketing.

Content – It has become difficult to get people’s attention. With a sense for current social media trends, Zia supports the creation of formats and relevant content.

Influencer – Having worked with influencers for his own brand, Zia knows exactly how to establish successful partnerships between influencers and companies.

Advertising – Social media advertising can potentially be a powerful sales channel - if you know how to use it. Zia is experienced in setting up effective campaigns.

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About Zia Nadjib

As an independent consultant with close to 10 years of experience in the social media landscape, Zia is our number one expert when it comes to social media and influencer marketing. Before founding Social Noise, Zia successfully launched businesses like Gymjunky and Boostbastards. He built strong communities around his brands and has been closely working with influencers even before ‘influencer marketing’ became a thing. With curiosity, honesty and confidence he now passes his knowledge of ‘all things social’ on to other businesses and brands.

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