With a team of strategists, UX designers and developers, our partner agency Hyperinteractive creates digital specials like apps, games, configurators, extensions and other interactive stuff. Smart on the inside and convenient on the surface.

What they do

Configurators – Where sophisticated technology meets playful usability: Hyperinteractive builds interactive digital tools that allow you to create and assemble things in simple applications.

Games – App development, but make it fun. Games are an awesome way for brands to get their audiences to engage in content. Both desktop or mobile.

Apps – Whatever you need – there’s an app for that. And if there’s not an app already, Hyperinteractive can make one for you, from scratch.

Specials – Sometimes, people have special requirements and need stuff that no one has ever made before. That’s when Hyperinteractive comes in to create bespoke digital solutions.

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About Dieter Pries

As our former in-house digital specialist, expert developer and UX designer, Dieter is not only the visionary behind Hyperinteractive, but also a long-time NPIRE friend. In 2017, after successfully operating in the fields of app and web development for over 12 years and having had the pleasure of working with many renowned agencies, the time had come to take the next big leap into something even more challenging and complex - his own agency. Ever since, Hyperinteractive has been a close partner. Together, we have realised many exciting projects – more to come.

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