There have always been two golden threads running through the NPIRE history: Entrepreneurship and food. With our Brand Factory food unit we not only develop brands but also act as an accelerator through consulting, networking, and financial investment.

Why food?

We believe that as creatives and designers in a broader sense, we have not only the potential, but the responsibility to shape the future of our society. In a world that is undergoing radical change, we need to use our creative talent and skill to navigate these changes. And why not start with humankind’s ultimate common denominator: Food?

Food as the source of life – Almost 8 billion people - and every one of them needs to eat. The food we eat determines how we live and how we feel. Healthy, nutritious foods are the key to an active, healthy life. Nutrients are the building blocks of our wellbeing.

Food as culture – In all cultures and social classes, food has a cultural significance. Cooking and eating together is seen as a social event and brings people together. Food is the lowest common denominator among friends, family and even strangers. Food is fun and passion.

Food as a global issue – The global increase of population and therefore the increased requirement of food, combined with globalization, new technologies, the rise of different nutrition concepts, global warming and scarcity of resources - the global supply of food is as complex as never before.

What we do

Product Development – With many years of knowledge in food, we also advise entrepreneurs in developing innovative products and concepts.

Brand Building – Of course we also offer our core skill to our partners in food and create a powerful brand design, story and communication.

Marketing & Sales – We support our partners with marketing their products by joining forces with partner agencies we know and trust.

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Super Tasty Projects

Things we did over the past years

  1. 21/01 – Vowls product

    This project involved a lot of strategic planning: Defining the target group, key messages and positioning on the market. Based on this strategy, we created the brand identity and design.

  2. 20/02 – New Baked brand

    For NewBaked and their vision of artisan bread, we came up with an entire brand identity. Due to Covid, we co-created the concept of NewBreakfast: A breakfast delivery service.

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  3. 19/04 – Bellini Paris product

    With Bellini Paris, we just wanted to experiment and have fun. We created a luxury drinks brand with an artsy, over-the-top look.

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  4. 18/11 – Body Kitchen brand

    Our friends from BodyKitchen have been partners for many years as we supported them with several projects. Recently the NPIRE acquired an interest in BodyKitchen.

  5. 18/09 – Go By Steffen Henssler restaurant

    From the most basic idea to a messy building site to the no. 1 luxury sushi restaurant & delivery concept in Germany: We had our fingers in all of the pies.

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  6. 16/10 – Happy Cheeze product

    For this vegan cheese brand, we created a fun brand and gained valuable insights into the world fo retail. We learned about all the specific requirements and how retailing works.

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  7. 16/09 – The Sweet Potato Company brand

    Together with one of the biggest wholesalers in Germany, we conceptualised a whole new range of sweet potato food products. Ever heard of sweet potato maracuja jam?

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  8. 15/07 – Ben Green restaurant

    With our cumulative food know-how and expertise, we supported Ben Green every step of the way: From the restaurant concept to the brand design to choosing plant pots and aprons for staff.

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  9. 14/12 – Vidasnax brand

    Another opportunity to not only develop the brand, but also co-create the concept by speaking to wholesalers, analysing market trends and selecting the products.

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  10. 14/10 – Makerhub restaurant

    One of the first food projects in which we accompanied our partners from Maker Hub from the basic concept of the project to brand development to realising the café and coworking space itself.

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