Over the years, the NPIRE has evolved from its Brand Factory and expanded into a land of sheer unlimited possibilities. An ever-changing, ever-growing place and home to a network of multiple agencies, product developers, a publishing house, coworking space, event facilitator and much more. Continuously shedding layers and reinventing ourselves, one idea at a time.

Brand Factory

At the very heart of the NPIRE lies the NPIRE Brand Factory, where unconventional brands are crafted. It is the powerhouse of our realm, fueling the NPIRE with knowledge, expertise and the capacity to think outside the box. At the Brand Factory, we accompany our partners every step of the way and also off the beaten track.

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Ntertainment Network

Within our NPIRE Ntertainment Network, we create content and products that are beautiful, entertaining, inspiring and in some way meaningful. We are curious, we are slightly crazy at times, and we believe in a world where people are empowered to tap into their own creative potential.

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Cow or King

Move in with us? If you’re a creative mind looking for an unconventional coworking environment and fancy hanging out with a bunch of lovely people while also being wildly productive and chasing your dreams – we’ve got you covered.

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Job Center

We are always and never hiring. Meaning – we love to meet anyone who can relate to the NPIRE philosophy and culture to see if we want to work together. If ‘proactive work attitude, creative mind, ready for a little bit of craziness’ sounds like you, get in touch.

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Get in touch.

No matter if you want to work, collaborate or just chat with us – don’t hesitate to call or write to us, or just come by personally at the NPIRE.

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Projects & Events

Stuff we do for fun

Nice Idea Club

The biggest project born from the NPIRE Ntertainment Network so far: A space created for a like-minded community who is ready to discover their creativity, get inspired and have some fun. With content, exhibitions, workshops and talks, we encourage people to find joy in creating and start playing.

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Cool people are cool, but if they are brought together, they have a potential to be even cooler. We love organizing events to connect, share and socialize, whether that’s our infamous summer BBQ, Christmas party or other themed specials.

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Trash Tombola

Our legendary Trash Tombola, coming out once a month, is a true NPIRE classic. Established in 2015, it pokes fun at the ubiquitous obsession with social media competitions. So far, we have presented our fans with very stylish Pantoffelschlüsselanhänger, cosy Wärmeflaschenkissen and high-quality ventilators – to name but a few.

Win, win, win!

14 mit Max Gilg und Tino

In our first NPIRE podcast, our developer Max, founder and managing director Gilg and former NPIRE graphic designer Tino talk about design, creativity and entrepreneurship – but also about daily life aside from work and agency hustle. This 14-part podcast season features conversations about relationships, art, self-employment and much more.

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Foodies & Founders

Food isn’t only something we need to survive – it is an important cultural asset and a global issue in our interconnected world. Our food unit Foodies & Founders develops not only food brands, but products and concepts, and accelerates innovative ideas in the food industry through consulting, networking, and financial investment.

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14 jahre

A lot has happened in the 14 years since the NPIRE was born: We had fun, we met many inspiring people and we learned a lot. And since 14 is also our magic number, it was time to party! With anniversary events, products, our first magazine and more exciting projects, we celebrated this special occasion.

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Partners & Friends

Who we like to hang out with


Our founder and managing director, emperor of the NPIRE, and Jesus of Creativity. As a mentor and influencer on all things creativity, Gilgius is known to be an unorthodox out-of-the-box thinker and sometimes controversialist. Aside from his entrepreneurial undertakings, he is a speaker and thought leader on creativity, branding and business.



Our digital partner agency Hyperinteractive creates individual solutions like apps, games, configurators, extensions and other crazy interactive stuff – state-of-the-art and one-of-a-kind. Over the years, the team has worked with renowned partner agencies and has been awarded with several awards.



12min.me is is our partner for events and networking. It has become Germany's biggest and the world's fastest growing meetup, hosting more than 800 events and 100,000+ guests in 35+ cities worldwide. The meetups are a playing field with clear rules: speakers as well as the audience have exactly 12 minutes to tell their story or ask questions.



Katrin and Frank from Liquid are our neighbors at Kleiner Kielort and partners for all things photography. They have been working as a team for more than 18 years for national and international clients in the fields of product, people, lifestyle, fashion and food photography.


Social Noise

Zia is our number one expert when it comes to social media and influencer marketing. As an independent consultant, he develops strategies, advises brands and manages collaboration between companies and influencers or agencies. With his honesty and transparency, Zia is our go-to specialist for all things social.


Logos of the people we work with

We love creating cool things with people we believe in.

You made it this far, but still have no clue what the NPIRE is all about? The easiest way to find out is to call us – we are always up for a chat.

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