Creative minds who enter the NPIRE are ready to awaken their inner child, combine skills, get inspired, take lessons from each other, undertake experiments, make mistakes, drop the fear, stay curious and have fun. By launching own ventures and companies, we encourage every individual to not only dream their wildest dream, but to also make them true.

Brand Factory

At the very heart of the NPIRE lies the NPIRE Brand Factory, where unconventional brands are crafted. It is the powerhouse of our realm, fueling the NPIRE with knowledge, expertise and the capacity to think outside the box. At the Brand Factory, we accompany our partners every step of the way and also off the beaten track. Our goal is to always create maximum value within the bounds of our partner's possibility.

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Ntertainment Network

Within our NPIRE Ntertainment Network, we create things that are beautiful, entertaining, inspiring and in some way meaningful. It is a matter of the heart for us to share thoughts and start conversations – about creativity, society and this modern life. We are curious, we are slightly crazy at times, and we believe in a world where people are empowered to tap into their own creative potential.

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How we work

We are no more than 14. A carefully selected team of like-minded people who share the same values. Everyone an expert in their field, but continuously striving to expand their horizon. Working as equals means the same salary for everyone. We believe in empowerment at eye level. Therefore, everyone acts in a proactive and self-reliant way. We cultivate an uplifting atmosphere where people can be themselves. Taking into account the needs and life plans of the individual. Our highly flexible working time model is premised on the trust we place in one another.

To make this unique work environment possible, we have all committed to fueling the NPIRE Brand Factory with our expertise and knowledge. Always looking to create space for projects that go beyond the usual.

Our Constitution

  1. #1 Let's be 14!
  2. #2 Look for Companions.
  3. #3 Aim High.
  4. #4 Work as Equals.
  5. #5 Make Presents.
  6. #6 Listen with an Open Heart.
  7. #7 Recognize the Beauty in Things.
  8. #8 Catch Some Inspiration First.
  9. #9 See the Big Picture.
  10. #10 Find a Solution!
  11. #11 Make Mistakes. Move Forward.
  12. #12 Have Trust.
  13. #13 Get Help and Be Helpful.
  14. #14 There's Always Room for a Cup of Craziness!

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1 Hey you crazy kid! We feel deeply honored that you are so excited about the NPIRE that you even read the tiny print at the very bottom of the page. But, seriously? N is for ? That’s total nonsense! There is a story why we decided to call it NPIRE instead of EMPIRE – and it’s not just because the domain was already taken. However, the story is not interesting enough to tell on a web page. Anyways, if you are curious what happened back then, just stop by. We’ll serve you some coffee and tell you everything you want to know!