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A place where imagination and reality meet. A creative wonderland with no boundaries, empowering people to unfold their talent, ignite their passion and make ideas blossom. People of the NPIRE are ready to awaken their inner child, combine skills, get inspired, take lessons from each other, undertake experiments, make mistakes, drop the fear, stay curious and have fun. We encourage every individual to not only dream their wildest dream, but to also make them true.


Telling the stories of the NPIRE is what we are passionate about. On our social media channels, we share insights from our work as well as our personal lives and thoughts about the things that move us – some random, some in continuous formats – but always from the heart. We also love interacting with you and have conversations about everything and anything.


Brand Factory

At the very heart of the NPIRE lies the NPIRE Brand Factory, where unconventional brands are crafted. It is the powerhouse of our realm, fueling the NPIRE with knowledge, expertise and the capacity to think outside the box. At the Brand Factory, we accompany our partners every step of the way and also off the beaten track. Our goal is to always create maximum value within the bounds of our partner's possibility.

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Ntertainment Network

Within our NPIRE Ntertainment Network, we create things that are beautiful, entertaining, inspiring and in some way meaningful. It is a matter of the heart for us to share thoughts and start conversations – about creativity, society and this modern life. We are curious, we are slightly crazy at times, and we believe in a world where people are empowered to tap into their own creative potential.

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We are a group of like-minded creative people who share the same values. Everyone an expert in their field, but continuously striving to expand their horizon. We believe in empowerment at eye level and cultivate an uplifting atmosphere where people can be themselves – taking into account the life plans of the individual. All of that is premised on the trust we place in one another.



Cool people are cool, but if they are brought together, they have a potential to be even cooler. We love organizing events to connect, share and socialize with anyone who is interested in the philosophy and vision of the NPIRE.


Trash Tombola

Our legendary Trash Tombola, coming out once a month, is a true NPIRE classic. Established in 2015, it pokes fun at the ubiquitous obsession with social media competitions. So far, we have presented our fans with very stylish Pantoffelschlüsselanhänger, cosy Wärmeflaschenkissen and high-quality ventilators – to name but a few.

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14 mit Max Gilg & Tino

In our first NPIRE podcast, our developer Max, founder and managing director Gilg and former NPIRE graphic designer Tino talk about design, creativity and entrepreneurship – but also about daily life aloof from work and agency hustle. This 14-part podcast season features conversations about relationships, art, self-employment and much more.

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