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Our Ntertainment Network provides you with all the funny, interesting, inspiring things straight from the NPIRE. It is our mission to entertain you, amuse you and inform you – but also to share ideas, start conversations and provoke thoughts. We want to celebrate the power of creativity and help build a society that fully understands and supports playful inventiveness.

What we aim for

Beauty – Coming from the design industry, we are always striving to make things that are in some way beautiful or visually interesting.

Fun – Our strong suit: Making people smile. We are convinced that even the little joys in life can make the world a kinder, nicer, better place.

Inspiration – If it’s not making you laugh, it’s giving you food for thought. We want our creations to offer you new perspectives and inspire thinking.

Creativity – We believe in the power of creativity. Our ultimate goal is to help you discover your own creative potential.

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What we do

Content – In the neverending torrent of content on the Internet, it is our goal to create fun, beautiful, inspirational stories about topics we truly care about.

Workshops – We love passing on our knowledge and experience and share it with other creative minds. In our workshops, we explore topics together in small groups.

Talks – Occasionally, we have a slightly bigger crowd listening to what our people have to share – about creativity, brands or entrepreneurship.

Products – Aside from our Brand Factory services, we channel our love for design and entrepreneurship into creating new products.

Art – Here and there, we allow ourselves to leave the familiar pathways of more commercial products, give free rein to our imagination and create art.

Exhibitions – What’s the point of design if it’s not shown? We put together exhibitions to show selected pieces of work and share insights.

Super awesome ntertainment!

Things we did over the past years

  1. 22/07 – #SFTB event

    After 14 years in our office on the ground floor at Kleiner Kielort, a new era begins. Under the theme "Started From the Bottom Now We're Here," we're celebrating our ascent to the top floor!


  2. 22/04 – NICE × INNSiDE art

    In an ongoing collaboration with the INNSiDE Hotel, we are creating a thought-provoking space that encourages people to experiment, inquire and be curious.


  3. 22/01 – NICE Manifest magazine

    We produced a NICE IDEA CLUB mini-magazine, containing our thoughts on creativity, fun design and illustrations.


  4. 21/11 – NICE Tattoo art

    Just in case you get off track on your creative journey: Our stick-on tattoo will always remind you that it's time to be NICE.


  5. 21/03 – NICE Idea Club Launch art

    On 4/3/21, we launched our biggest NNN project yet: NICE IDEA Club. A space to discover creativity, get inspired and simply have fun.


  6. 21/03 – Gilgius @ Sweet Spot Studio podcast

    Sweet Spot Studio called Gilgius an “apostle of creativity” and invited him to talk about his views on creative work, mindset, leadership and much more.


  7. 20/09 – Gilgius @ Reeperbahn Festival panel

    Amidst the pandemic, our Gilgius was invited to speak at a panel discussion about creativity & ideas at the 2020 edition of Reeperbahn Festival.


  8. 20/08 – Gilgius @ Road to CEO podcast

    In this podcast episode, Gilgius talked about the best way to meet like-minded people, the best way to unleash your creativity and how to really approach starting a business.


  9. 20/08 – Gilgius @ Rampenpfau podcast

    With Rampenpfau, Gilgius chatted about big questions like "Who am I?" and why the answer to the question “Why?” matters most.


  10. 20/06 – Gilgius @ Ladykotz podcast

    With the ladies from the podcast Ladykotz, Gilgius chatted about influencerdom and his various entrepreneurial endeavours.


  11. 20/06 – Gilgius @ 12HRS.US talk

    To his talk at the 12min.me event, Gilgius brought a colourful picture book and told a story about the future of creativity.


  12. 20/01 – Gilgius @ 12MIN.ME talk

    In his talk “No work, all play”, Gilgius talked about the definition and meaning of creativity, how people can ignite their creativity and why that is essential in order to meet the challenges of our time.


  13. 19/12 – Trash Tombola Gangster G-sus Advent art

    More information coming soon

  14. 19/11 – Story Time art

    More information coming soon


  15. 19/10 – "Startup Kids" book

    With our first book, we want to encourage kids, teens – or anyone else who is interested – to follow their entrepreneurial dreams and start their own projects.


  16. 19/09 – 14×14 art

    As part of our 14th anniversary celebrations, we created a collection of unique illustrated postcards – all of them telling their own quirky little story.


  17. 19/08 – 14 Jahre NPIRE event

    Our 14th anniversary was a special one, and so was the birthday party we threw to celebrate that. Balloons. Cotton Candy. Popcorn. Fun fun fun!


  18. 19/06 – Ausgabe 14 magazine

    For our 14th anniversary, we created a magazine full of thought-provoking articles, insights from the last 14 years, inspiring design work and interactive bits & pieces.


  19. 19/05 – GGG & TTT event

    With our Gilgius Geburtstags Get-together & Trauriges Trennungs Treffen, we celebrated the birthday of the Gilgius as well as the farewell to two members of the NPIRE.


  20. 19/04 – Bellini Paris product

    We had the honour of partnering with this epic lifestyle brand and creating a fresh design for the legendary Bellini Paris drinks can - with delicate, but fun illustrations that give you an instant summer feeling.


  21. 19/03 – 14 - Mit Max, Gilg & Tino podcast

    Our first podcast project features our NPIRE founder Gilg, developer Max and long-time NPIRE friend and partner Tino talking about entrepreneurship, creativity and design.


  22. 18/12 – NPIRE Weihnachtsfestivität event

    The traditional NPIRE Christmas Festivity - with real sausages, fake sausages, good old Swabian potato salad, fire-tongs punch and everything else the heart desires when ‘tis the season.


  23. 18/12 – Trash Tombola Dinosaur Christmas art

    More information coming soon

  24. 18/07 – NPIRE Sommerfestivität event

    Carribean temperatures at the NPIRE called for a summer party with barbecue, chilled beer and fairy lights in our backyard.


  25. 18/06 – N is for … art

    More information coming soon

  26. 17/12 – NPIRE Weihnachtsfestivität event

    This year, we didn’t only celebrate the birth of Jesus, but also the inauguration of our refurbished office. More colors! More buntings! More potato salad!


  27. 17/12 – Trash Tombola Advent Edition 2017 art

    More information coming soon

  28. 17/08 – KWC Company Building Workshop workshop

    For anyone who ever thought about building their own company, we organized a creative evening with lots of ideas, physical work, barbecue and beer.


  29. 16/12 – NPIRE Weihnachtsfestivität event

    More information coming soon


  30. 16/12 – Trash Tombola Advent Edition 24 Days art

    More information coming soon

  31. 15/07 – Click TV product

    For anyone who has ever asked us: What do we do? How do we make money? What the heck? - we developed a piece of state-of-the-art technology as our ultimate answering tool.


  32. 15/06 – Trash Tombola art

    A true NPIRE classic. It pokes fun at the ubiquitous obsession with social media competitions – so far, we have presented our fans with Pantoffelschlüsselanhänger, Wärmeflaschenkissen and high-quality ventilators, just to name a few.


  33. 14/08 – 14 / 20 / T / N event

    It was summer and three of our favourite people celebrated the day they were born. A villa. Balloons. Candy. Lots of candy. Sausages. Art. Friends. A crazy NPIRE wonderland.


  34. 11/07 – Legowand art

    Yes, we built an office divider from 55.000 LEGO bricks – from Gilg’s childhood as well as 80 new packs on top of that. It weighs nearly 80 kg, is 3 m wide and 2,80 m high. Apart from its practical utility, it never ceases to make us happy on our way to the toilet.


  35. 11/06 – NPIRE Sommerfestivität event

    What should we say: It was warm outside and we were in the mood to party. Yayyy! The construction worker theme was also a great success.


  36. 10/12 – Würstchenparty event

    The first NPIRE sausage party at the end of the year! Where the sausage tradition was born.


  37. 10/10 – 5 Jahre NPIRE event

    On the occasion of our 5th birthday party, we gave a little repaint to the NPIRE brand design and created an imperial-looking, flamboyant set of black and white print material with red highlights. To mark the occasion, we also built a real (cardboard) castle into our office.


  38. 09/12 – Was würde Jesus tun? exhibition

    Sometimes we ask ourselves: What would Jesus do? This exhibition marked the beginning of a very strange Jesus shrine in the NPIRE.


  39. 08/11 – Urban DNS exhibition

    More information coming soon

  40. 08/08 – OFFICE RELEASE Event

    Our office in Hamburg was officially inaugurated! For our 3-year NPIRE anniversary we hosted a big housewarming party.


  41. 06/12 – Kunstausstellung Exhibition

    More information coming soon

  42. 05/10 – Die verrückte Welt Exhibition

    More information coming soon


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