Food Embassy has a unique interdisciplinary approach to the needs of the global food market: Creating visibility for international culinary products around the world is the main goal. Their work is focused on online marketing and e-commerce — flanked by PR and special event formats.

What they do

Campaigns – Food Embassy develops effective strategies, produces promotional materials, and provides support in the implementation of various campaign measures — like PR, social media or advertising.

Events – In our age of digital noise, live events are an effective way to forge meaningful relationships. Food Embassy is passionate about creating authentic events to connect with foodies globally.

Retail – Retail can be one of the most important sales channels for food brands. Food Embassy has a large network in the retail sector and supports brands by connecting them with retailers.

E-Commerce – Online visibility is essential for culinary campaign work. Food Embassy takes care of the web presence and ensures that products receive maximum attention. The team also manages SEO and SEA.

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About Holger Böckner

Holger Böckner is the managing director & founder of Food Embassy. He looks back on more than 15 years of experience in the global communication business. In 2020, Holger founded the Food Embassy agency to professionally manage his ventures in the field of culinary diplomacy. He is also part of the Canadian government's Global Mentor Program, which supports food & beverage companies entering foreign markets.

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