Our team is a group of like-minded individuals sharing the same values. Granted, the NPIRE is an unconventional workplace – but we strongly believe in our way to build a team and work together. Empowerment at eye level, being proactive and continuously lifting each other up is what our culture is premised on.

  1. Concept & Design

    You’re not only a design genius and a master at your craft, but also love to conceptualize, strategize and organize? Our projects always take a lot of teamwork and require seeing the bigger picture. If you’re able to lead a team, navigate projects and direct the creative work – you’re our person.

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  2. Office & Project Management

    Girl (or Guy) Friday needed! You’re an allrounder with strong communication skills, project management abilities and could probably sell a refrigerator to a Siberian in winter? If you have organizational talent and can handle a bit of chaos and unpredictability here and there, we are looking for you.

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  3. Internship

    Still wet behind the ears? No problem. If you can identify with our values, we are happy to kick-start your career and help you become a world-famous creative.

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NNN – Our Ntertainment Network is there to inspire you and awaken your creative potential.

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Brand Factory – The powerhouse of the NPIRE, where we produce cool things like brands and campaigns.

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