Our legendary Trash Tombola was established in 2015 and quickly became an NPIRE classic. Once a month, we arrange an online raffle and gift one lucky person among our fans and followers with a slightly unusual item. We started by putting these thought-provoking nuggets up on Facebook, then moved the Trash Tombola into our Instagram Stories and even into the offline space.

Trash Tombola Original

Trash Tombola originated at the time of the social media sweepstake craze. So we jumped on that bandwagon (only that we were giving away much cooler things than iPads).

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Trash Tombola Tent

Our 14th anniversary party was the perfect opportunity to bring the Trash Tombola to life. We built a trashy tent where our guests could buy raffle tickets and win awesome stuff.

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Trash Tombola Animated

New new new! With the rise of Instagram Stories, we closed our Facebook Trash Tombola branch and started creating fancy animated stories.

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Trash Tombola Room

At the opening ceremony of our new office space, the traditional trash tombola was, of course, not to be missed. And with many rooms comes great responsibility. That's why we've dedicated an entire room to the Trash Tombola.

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Trash Tombola Issue

The NPIRE is ever-evolving and so is the Trash Tombola. We are currently experimenting with different ideas and giving the Trash Tombola a break. Rest assured, it will be back …

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