We are convinced that the most inspiring of encounters happen face-to-face, in the offline space. That’s why we love organizing events, big and small, to create a fun, relaxed environment that fosters social interaction and connection. Here are a few highlights from the past years.

23/09 - 18 Jahre

Finally grown up and fortunately still childish. With the return of many established party features of previous years, we celebrated our 18th birthday.

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22/07 - #SFTB

After 14 years in our office on the ground floor at Kleiner Kielort, a new era begins. Under the theme „Started From the Bottom Now We’re Here,“ we’re celebrating our ascent to the top floor!

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19/08 - 14 Jahre

14 years of NPIRE: The highlight of our anniversary celebrations throughout 2019 was this party. We transformed our office into what it really is: An NPIRE.


19/05 - GGG & TTT

With mixed feelings, we celebrated Gilg’s birthday (Gilgius Geburtstags Get-together) and the farewell of two team members (Trauriges Trennungs Treffen).


18/12 - NPIRE Weihnachtsfestivität

Because N stands for Navidad, we put up our tree, hung up sprigs of mistletoe and cooked some sausages. Christmas, done the NPIRE way.

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18/07 - NPIRE Sommerfestivität

Balloons! Selfie machines! Watermelons! Our summer party is an annual highlight, when we heat up our barbecue in the courtyard and deliver some good vibes.

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17/12 - NPIRE Weihnachtsfestivität

When our pyrotechnical (and illustrator) Ruben lights up his famous burnt punch, it can only mean one thing: It’s Christmas time at the NPIRE.


16/12 - NPIRE Weihnachtsfestivität

This Christmas was a special one, because it was the first one with an actual Christmas tree. Who would have thought?


14/08 - 14 / 20 / T / N

It’s not an NPIRE event if there aren’t way too many balloons flying around everywhere. Also, there was lots of colorful candy and cake. Good stuff!


11/12 - Must-Freu Xmas Shopping

A very minimalist tree made from duct tape and cool products to buy as Christmas presents, accompanied by yummy food from our partners.


11/06 - NPIRE Sommerfestivität

When there’s a fridge full of sausages and potato salad, a wheelbarrow full of ice and beer, and people are wearing safety vests… It’s probably a summer party at the NPIRE.

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10/12 - NPIRE Weihnachtsfestivität

True to the motto “Christmas sausages for everyone”, we celebrated our first ever Christmas party at the NPIRE.


10/10 - 5 Jahre NPIRE

For our 5th anniversary, we built an actual, real (cardboard) castle into our office! And our guests were wearing crowns. It was quite fancy.


09/12 - Was würde Jesus tun?

An exhibition revolving around the very important question: What would Jesus do?


08/11 - Urban DNS

Our basement is a magical place. In this case, it was the location for an art exhibition with our partners from Urban DNS.


08/08 Office Release

A historical moment for the NPIRE: The day we celebrated our office warming party at the legendary Kleiner Kielort 8.


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