There is one core belief that ties all of Gilgius’ undertakings together: Creativity is god. The innate ability and urge that makes us human: The capacity to create new things. It allows us to take new paths, push boundaries and solve problems. First and foremost, creativity allows us to take our life into our own hands.

What Gilgius thinks about creativity

Everyone is creative – Gilgius believes in a new understanding of creativity that goes beyond art and design. Creativity is everything we do, our human essence, our basic instinct.

Living creatively – All areas of our life are constantly disrupted. If we learn to see creativity as an approach to living, we can find inspiration in our everyday world and lead a self-determined life.

Creativity is the future – In an increasingly complex world, creativity is the currency of the future. Connecting the dots, combining ideas and rethinking old concepts are becoming indispensable skills.

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About Gilgius

For 20 years Gilg Frick has been working in the creative industry – undertaking experiments, realising projects, starting and engaging in many different ventures. After his studies of communication design in Schwäbisch Gmünd, he came to Hamburg and founded the branding agency that would later become an ever-expanding creative network, the NPIRE, with a vision that goes beyond a mere service company. He is a speaker, mentor and facilitator of creativity workshops.

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