5 Jahre NPIRE

On the occasion of our 5th birthday party, we gave a little repaint to the NPIRE brand design and created an imperial-looking, flamboyant set of black and white print material with red highlights (and a pinch of self-irony), including embossed stationery, business cards, a lavish invitation and envelopes with a wax seal. Fancy, right?

On top of that, to mark the occasion, we built a real castle into our office! Okay, it was made from paper, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t real. And as we always wanted a castle, when is a better time to get one than an anniversary?


DISCIPLINES: Experience | Event | Print

Work: Experience, Event, Print
Year: 2010
Concept: Gilg Frick
Design: Manuela Weiß, Philip Behr