Collins Employer Branding

Our Companion

When one of Germany’s most successful e-commerce companies enters the NPIRE galaxy and wants to team up for an employer branding campaign, one just doesn’t say No. Known as the digital flagship for the parent company OTTO, Collins is a fast-growing venture with various online shopping platforms like ABOUT YOU and EDITED. The founder’s vision and ambition impressed us from day one: They were loud, determined and hungry – and therefore looking for the right people to join their journey.

Our Mission

Finally, it was time for us to channel our inner fashion girls. Together, we set out to create an employer branding booklet for new Collins team members and everyone who wanted to become one (because, really, who doesn’t?). We made it our mission to give a voice to Collins as one of the most attractive employers for young, ambitious people, including developing a powerful story and fun design characterized by bold illustrations.



DISCIPLINES: Campaign | Story | Print

Companion: Collins
Work: Campaign, Story, Print
Year: 2015
Concept: Gilg Frick, Lina Wüller
Story: Lina Wüller
Design: Sarah Lee
Illustration: Ruben Fischer