Glutenfrei Backen – Das ganz normale Zeug


In 2014 Marie-Therese Cramer was diagnosed with celiac disease and since then has only baked gluten-free. She loves cakes and pastries and over the years, she has tried so many great recipes – which is how her gluten-free baking book ‘Das ganz normale Zeug’ was born. With her book, she wants to share her favorite recipes with everyone who has to overcome the same dietary challenge.


When Marie-Therese asked us to support her with this book project, we were instantly smitten by her extraordinary food photography which is a real feast for the eyes: Flying cakes, ceramic cats, a thousand colorful tablecloths and the most impressive gingerbread house we have ever laid our eyes upon. Together, we created a minimal but fun design for the book, which picks up on the form language of the photos and offers them a subtle frame in which they can unfold their full effect. A landing page and a short crowdfunding video were created to promote the book. Our first shared success was reaching a crowdfunding goal of 5,000 Euros.

DISCIPLINES: Identity | Design | Typography | Print | Digital | Website | Campaign | Crowdfunding

Companion: Marie-Therese Cramer
Work: Product, Book
Year: 2022
Concept: Ruben Fischer, Gilg Frick
Design: Ruben Fischer
Photography: Marie-Therese Cramer
Text: Marie-Therese Cramer