Our Companion

Who are we kidding? It’s just a neverending love story with our favorite office mates / business partners / friends from Gymjunky. This project is especially noteworthy for us because we had the chance to accompany the development of the company in its entirety – from the strategic business concept to all the details. For the founders Roberto and Zia, “We don’t rest” is not only the slogan of their brand, but an attitude towards life and business – a philosophy. With Gymjunky, they sell high quality sports gear with a perfect fit for passionate athletes.

Our Mission

Right after the idea for Gymjunky was born, we put on our favorite sweatpants and guess what – we didn’t rest until we built the most kick-ass lifestyle & fashion brand the world has ever seen. Buckle up, Adidas! Starting with the logo, to the website, motifs for the clothing, packaging, print material, right through to even the labels – we designed it all from scratch. To this day, Gymjunky continues to be one of our most fun projects.


DISCIPLINES: Identity | Logo | Website | Print | Packaging | Exhibition

Companion: Gymjunky
Work: Identity, Print, Digital
Year: 2014 - now
Concept: Gilg Frick
Story: Lina Wüller, Kathleen Brigant
Design: Kevin Herbst, Markus Frank, Sarah Lee, Ruben Fischer, Marco Hess
Development: Max Häßlein, Tien Bui, Dieter Pries