Papapeño, a local chili sauce (and liquor) producer, sprouted from the creative confines of a shared apartment kitchen in vibrant St. Pauli. Fueled by the wanderlust of a resident’s Central American adventures, Papapeño channels its passion for peppers into a mission of communal responsibility and flavor. With a commitment to local sourcing and charitable giving, Papapeño not only tantalizes taste buds but also lends a helping hand to refugees in needs.

We revel in collaborating with those who strive to make a positive impact. Crafting Papapeño’s brand identity was an electrifying journey, drawing inspiration from the vibrant spirit of St. Pauli. Bold, punk, and unapologetically rebellious. In black and white with a splash of unique color for each product, our design showcases a fusion of parrots, chilis, and flames, embodying the spirited essence behind the name’s playful origins, while the daring wording pays homage to the iconic Reeperbahn and Kiez culture.

DISCIPLINES: Identity | Logo | Illustration | Packaging | Icons | Typography | Colors | Social Media

WORK: Identity, Product, Campaign
YEAR: 2023
CONCEPT: Gilg Frick, Ruben Fischer
DESIGN: Ruben Fischer, Markus Eppeler