Our Companion

You know the drill: Family goes first. And when your mom needs a brand design, you create a brand design for her. Simple as that! With WIR MUSTERN, Gilg’s mom pimps boring surfaces and textiles and turns them into colorful little masterpieces with fun individual patterns. Here, too, we were given plenty of creative freedom when developing the brand identity.

Our Mission

The challenge here was to really get across the highly personal charm of Bettina’s craft. Lots of her work is custom work, which we wanted to emphasize as well. Therefore, all of the designs are super individual or even customizable – like the website where you can choose patterns as a fun gimmick, or business cards that can be created in all the different patterns.


DISCIPLINES: Identity | Logo | Website | Print

Companion: WIR MUSTERN
Work: Identity, Print, Digital
Year: 2013
Concept: Gilg Frick
Design: Sarah Lee
Development: Max Häßlein