For as long as the NPIRE exists, we have tinkered with creative experiments and the concept of creativity itself. Throughout the years, we have named these efforts Kids with Companies, Creativity is God and now, with our biggest NNN project so far: Nice Idea Club. Whatever the name, the core idea has always remained the same: to empower people to get creative.

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What we do

Content – We want to make the world a more beautiful and inspirational place, by sharing content and knowledge that encourages people to discover their creativity.

Exhibitions – We take our work from our online platforms into the offline and event space and create art to inspire a broader audience.

Workshops – In workshops, we come together to discuss creativity in an individualized, interactive way and with a focussed and solution-oriented approach.

Talks – We spread the word about creativity not only on the internet, but also share our views with our community face to face.

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A NICE Instagram Channel

On our NICE IDEA CLUB Instagram channel, we share our thoughts about all things creativity - in the form of beautiful design, inspirational words or educational content. We believe that creativity is humankind's biggest asset and hope to empower more and more people to discover their own creative potential. We create content in these 14 categories:

Enjoy – Sharing mesmerizing, beautiful, and mostly colorful design that brings us joy.

#enjoy #beauty #design

Encourage – Encouraging the community to remember their creative side and engage in creative play.

#encourage #positivity #everyoneiscreative

Educate – Starting conversations around creative education and teaching creativity - for kids and adults.

#educate #nurturecreativity #schoolofcreativity

Early – As we start any creative process - what are the first steps? How does creativity arise?

#early #blankcanvas #howtogetcreative

Emotion – Talking about all the emotions we face over the course of a creative process, and how to deal.

#emotion #creativeprocess #feelitall

Extreme – Not everything that is creative is also useful. Looking at creativity being used in extreme ways.

#extreme #whatiscreativity #creativityextreme

Error – Mistakes happen to the best of us. How do we cope with failure, as individuals and as a society?

#error #errorculture #normalizefailure

Enable – Creativity is rarely a solo effort. How can we enable others to get creative?

#enable #empowerment #facilitatecreativity

Expert – We are always inspired by creative people and collect interesting quotes or interviews about creativity.

#expert #creativityquote #inspiration

Endless – Looking at the history of creativity which goes back to the beginning of humankind.

#endless #historyofcreativity #creativityisournature

Evolve – We are thinking about the future of creativity and the creativity of the future.

#evolve #futureofcreativity #creativityofthefuture

Elevate – Creative people have skills that are becoming increasingly important. How can they use them responsibly?

#elevate #creativesociety #creativefuture

Easy – Nice and easy.

#easy #nice

Else – Well… Everything else.

#else #everythingelse #everythingandanything

Super NICE Ideas

Things we did over the past years

  1. 21/03 – NICE Instagram project

    The outgrowth of KWC all the ideas about creativity culminated in this new project.


  2. 19/10 – "Startup Kids" book

    With our first book, we want to encourage kids, teens – or anyone else who is interested – to follow their entrepreneurial dreams and start their own projects.


  3. 19/06 – Ausgabe 14 magazine

    For our 14th anniversary, we created a magazine full of thought-provoking articles, insights from the last 14 years, inspiring design work and interactive bits & pieces.


  4. 17/08 – KWC Company Building Workshop workshop

    For anyone who ever thought about building their own company, we organized a creative evening with lots of ideas, physical work, barbecue and beer.



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