Any time a crime is committed in the real world, the police (usually and ideally) takes care of it. If the same thing happens online, things are more complex – especially when it comes to trademark rights. Ad Police develops specific applications to monitor all search machine activities concerning a brand. They track down fraudsters infringing upon trademark rights, take up pursuit of abuses, and observe competitors – a perfect example for the Good Cops. We find it super important that AdPolice deals with this topic.


The challenge with this client was the complex, rather unemotional and solely virtual topic we had to work with. We tried to form a positive association with the term “police”, which meant walking a fine line when using police-related colors and imagery. We ended up creating an entirely new brand identity, from the overall brand story to every little design element.

DISCIPLINES: Identity | Print | Digital | Brand | Story | Experience | Website | Campaign

WORK: Identity, Print, Digital
YEAR: 2017
CONCEPT: Gilg Frick
STORY: Laura Jax
DESIGN: Sarah Lee, Markus Frank