Happy Cheeze


The name basically says it all: It makes you happy and it’s cheese. Kind of, at least. Happy Cheeze actually makes vegan cheese alternatives from happy cashews and aims to make the world a little better this way. Because, truth be told, who doesn’t love some cheese that isn’t only tasty, but also full of mineral nutrients, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids? At the NPIRE, funky food products are always sought after. Oh and, all Happy Cheeze products are naturally vegan, paleo, raw, organic and free from lactose, soy and gluten and don’t contain any additives. OH EM GEE!


Happy Cheeze initially approached us wanting to reshape their brand, with a focus on the product packaging. Therefore we created three design concepts, all of them with the original intention of conveying a feeling of lighthearted happiness, but still radically different. We played with different approaches from a more eco-looking design with the brand less prominent, to more graphic components with a rather abstract look and feel, to colorful illustrations and smiley faces as the key elements. Say cheese! 

DISCIPLINES: Identity | Packaging

COMPANION: Happy Cheeze
WORK: Identity, Print, Product
YEAR: 2016
CONCEPT: Gilg Frick
DESIGN: Sarah Lee
ILLUSTRATION: Markus Frank, Ruben Fischer