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6 Bellinis – Drink
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The Bellini – Drink



In case you’re living under a rock: Bellini Paris is the hottest lifestyle brand on the planet. We are incredibly proud to be partnering with such a visionary company – it is indeed a dream come true.


We had the once-in-a-lifetime chance to breathe new life into the legendary Bellini Paris drink cans with a fresh design. Inspired by the ever so classy Bellini Paris brand and the luxurious Bellini drinks, we wanted to keep the sophisticated look – but also deliver something unexpected and bold. Therefore we went for delicate, but fun illustrations in black and white. It’s basically summer in a can. – Buy now!

DISCIPLINES: Product Design | Packaging | Illustration | Campaign

COMPANION: Bellini Paris
WORK: Product, Campaign
YEAR: 2019
CONCEPT: Gilg Frick, Ruben Fischer, Vanessa Angermann
STORY: Vanessa Angermann