ibeo 20 Jahre


ibeo started out as a pioneering company dedicated to research and innovation in the automobile sector. Over the years, it became one of the leading companies developing laser scanners and sensors for autonomous driving. We had already reshaped and redesigned ibeo’s brand identity the year before and have always loved their startup spirit – despite the size of the company and the professionalism of the industry. So, we were very happy to tackle the realization of this event together with them as well.


Pioneering the future of mobility: A very bold claim – and it was our mission to transfer this vision to all aspects of the event. Not only did we design all the print and online material for the invitations and the event itself: We were also entrusted with the overall concept of the location. Together with our partner company HYPERINTERACTIVE, we created a concept for an interactive product showcase and designed an entire museum, taking people on a journey throught the ibeo history.

DISCIPLINES: Campaign | Experience | Event | Design | Logo | Animation | Interaction

WORK: Campaign, Experience, Event
YEAR: 2018
CONCEPT: Gilg Frick
CONCEPT & DESIGN: Sarah Lee, Philipp Nottelmann
ILLUSTRATION: Markus Eppeler