ibeo is a very special client for us – not least because they are one of the few non-startups we have worked with over the past years. ibeo was founded as a small, pioneering company dedicated to research and innovation in the automobile sector. Over the years, it became one of the leading companies developing laser scanners and sensors for autonomous driving. Despite not being a typical startup, rather a nerdy, cutting-edge technology company, ibeo has a strong startup spirit. That’s the idea we share with the guys & girls from ibeo: Always cultivating a portion of craziness, but still delivering highly professional results. As they are on the verge of entering the automotive supply industry, they wanted to sharpen their brand – and chose us as their companion for this exciting milestone.


In order to become a top-level supplier in a pretty conservative sector, ibeo is facing massive growth. Their brand had to be straightforward, clear and professional, but should still convey their agile, cool startup spirit. From top to bottom, we reshaped and redesigned their entire brand identity: From the brand design, print material, exhibition stands, business equipment to an employer branding campaign.

DISCIPLINES: Identity | Design-System | Illustration | Flyer | Business Cards | Merchandise | Exhibition | Employer Branding | Campaign

WORK: Identity, Print, Digital
YEAR: 2017
CONCEPT: Gilg Frick
DESIGN: Sarah Lee, Philipp Nottelmann
ILLUSTRATION: Ruben Fischer, Markus Frank
TEXT: Laura Jax