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Protonet ZOE


The NPIRE has a long history of collaboration with Protonet. We have always loved the challenges that came with working for a visionary tech company that has such a strong mission. In addition to their servers as their core product, they recently came up with a crowdfunding campaign for a smart home solution.


The AI solution they invented was pretty complex – but as it is clearly a consumer product, there was a strong need for further explanation. It was our job to develop a campaign with simple and precise communication in order to make it intelligible for the consumer. What does ‘smart home’ even mean? And what is artificial intelligence? Also, how does Protonet ensure data sovereignty? All of these issues were dealt with in the form of banners, ads and various types of online communication.

DISCIPLINES: Campaign | Story | Logo | Website | Graphicdesign | Illustration | Ads | Merchandise

WORK: Campaign, Print, Digital
YEAR: 2016
CONCEPT: Gilg Frick
STORY: Marco Hess
DESIGN: Ruben Fischer, Sarah Lee
VIDEO: Redpinata
3D: Thomas Koch