Our Companion

SMYRK was founded by a dentist from Berlin who saw a need for a modern, stylish alternative to conventional containers for orthodontic appliances like aligners, retainers or dentures. The brand stands for sustainability, a minimalist design and functionality.

Our Mission

Dental appliances probably aren’t the most popular items in the world. The team behind SMYRK had this vision of making it fun and aesthetically pleasing, so our mission was to translate this idea into the design. For the logo, packaging and overall look, we decided to go for a design that is colorful without being loud, and positive without being overwhelming.

WORK: Identity, Print, Digital
YEAR: 2020
CONCEPT: Gilg Frick
DESIGN: Julia Heitz, Ruben Fischer
3D: Markus Eppeler
STORY: Vanessa Angermann