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Startup Weekend Hamburg 2015


Name of the game: No talk, all action! Our first liaison with Startup Weekends happened in 2015. Startup Weekends are a 54-hour-journey of business model creation, coding, designing, and market validation – a global community of passionate entrepreneurs with over 1800 events in 120 countries. It’s a non-profit movement that courageously aims to change the world. We love!


Young, ambitious people creating cool things – we knew we had to support this project. By developing a fun but professional brand, we wanted to motivate the participants and give even more relevance to the event.

DISCIPLINES: Logo | Design | Illustration | Print | Merchandise

COMPANION: Startup Weekend
WORK: Campaign, Print, Digital
YEAR: 2015
CONCEPT: Gilg Frick
DESIGN: Ruben Fischer, Markus Eppeler, Sarah Lee