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The Watch Store

Our Companion

Gratian Permien loves watches as much as the NPIREs love pizza puffs. And this tells a lot! But he felt that the mainstream market offered too much of the same boring watch designs. So he founded a place that offers bold watches outside the norm: THE WATCH STORE. With the curated online shop, he handpicks outstanding watch designs and offers detailed information about brands, trends and functionality – just like an encyclopedia for carefully selected watches.

Our Mission

What we had in mind was a sophisticated and minimalist brand identity, an elegant frame for what’s most important: the products. For the website, we combined this with the look of an encyclopedia, and along with that comes a touch of nostalgia. Overall, the design is decent, yet recognizable. The communication is elaborated, yet playful.


DISCIPLINES: Logo | Design | Website | Social Media | Communication | Packaging

Companion: The Watch Store
Work: Identity, Print, Digital
Year: 2014 - 2016
Concept: Gilg Frick
Story: Marco Hess
Design: Sarah Lee
Development: Dieter Pries