Our Companion

For NewBaked, it’s more than just bread. According to the motto ‚Bake Germany Great Again’, they made it their mission to make organic artisan breads of the highest quality available for everyone. Their goal is not only to make bread lovers happy, but to raise awareness for the importance of sustainable agriculture.

Our Mission

NewBaked approached us with their vision when their idea was quite literally only a tiny little seed. Together, we grew this idea into a spanking new brand with a strong voice, a bold look and a clear message. We developed the punny slogans in combination with a vibrant color scheme and detailed illustrations.

Companion: NewBaked
Work: Identity, Print, Digital
Year: 2020
Concept: Gilg Frick, Ruben Fischer
Design: Ruben Fischer, Markus Eppeler
Story: Vanessa Angermann
Development: Max Häßlein
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