GO by Steffen Henssler – Menu

Our Companion

GO by Steffen Henssler has not only been a trusted companion for a while, but also a challenging one. Since we initially developed the brand identity and design for their new restaurant project, we happily took on the challenge of creating an out-of-the-ordinary menu.

Our Mission

You know we’re all about the functional stuff but sometimes we love a bit of artsy-fartsy – and this project was definitely one of the latter. Our illustrator was frothing over the opportunity to bring this unique menu to life with artworks inspired by traditional Japanese ink painting and calligraphy. The result was a minimalist, monochrome menu printed on newspaper. An exceptional experience for the senses, transcending the notion of mere function and doing justice to the culinary art of GO by SH.

COMPANION: GO by Steffen Henssler
WORK: Identity, Print, Product
YEAR: 2019
CONCEPT: Gilg Frick
DESIGN: Sarah Lee
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